Main products
Vertical packaging machine with ...
Automatic airless liquid/paste packing ...
High Speed stick packing machine
Slant cornered bag vertical packaging ...
The stuffing feeding lifting vehicle (mobile)
The stuffing feeding lifting car (drum type)
Fixed hoist
Working Platform
Take away conveyor YXD-800
Leather belt conveyor / chain conveyor
Vertical hot-vacuum packaging machine
Reshaping and drying machine
Stuffing filling machine
Continuous conveying type sterilization ...
Multi-level cooling / sterilization sinks
Check weigher
Paste filling machine
Automatic film sealing machine drum
Automatic packaging production ...
Automatic packaging solutions platform
Automatic packaging production ...
Hot filling vacuum packaging ...
Automatic jam filling system
Main products >> Automatic film sealing machine drum
Major arrangement 1.Coarse filling transportation section
2.Fine filling transportation section
3.Double plunger filling system
4.Sealing film system
5.Lid placing system
6.Gland system
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