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Main products >> Vertical packaging machine with automatic process weighingl:Model DXDB5-V6
Industries and products
applied to
Food industry:bean paste,lotus seed paste,fruit stuffing,jam,liquid egg,syrup,sesame paste,meat sauce,chili sauce,salad dressing,grease,cheese,etc.
Chemical industry:grease,slurry,detergent,industrial glue,lubricating oil and other liquid ,semi liquid ,high viscosity materials.
Main performances and
1. Applicable for automatic weighing and quantitative packing of liquid or high viscosity materials like stuffing,jam,slurry,glue,grease,etc.
2. Equiped with process weighing system with high packing accuracy which weighs the products packed in real time and automaticly correct the filling quantity according to a given value.
3. Consists of reliable electric appliance and pneumatic components, guarantees a long-term reliable use.
4. Using squeeze-exhaust casting method,especially applicable for the packing of materials of high viscosity
5. Using a easy,convenient,humanization operation interface with a touch screen
6. Based on a self-checking design,automaticly gives tips when maintainence and repairs are needed.
7. Can be used in high-temperature packing of materials,to avoid secondary pollution,improve efficiency,reduce production costs.
8. Matchs many kinds of filling systems like rotor pump,plunger pump,sine pump,gear pump,screw pump and so on , to apply to packing all kinds of materials.
Technical parameters
Model DXDB5-V6
Process Weighing and adjusting Standard
Packaging type Vertical back seal/Rectangle
Packaging speed 5-20 bags/min
Packaging weight 400-7500g
Range of bag length 100-650mm
Range of bag width 110-250mm
Printing date of production Print coder(optional)
Bag length color batch control Fiber(optional)
Power supply 220V/50Hz
Power 1.5kW
Pneumatic source 0.6Mpa/0.3M3/min
Packaging material NY/PE(Thickness 8-12dmm)
Weight of machine 800kg
Dimension 1320*905*1920mm
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